OFA urges Obamabots to talk about Obamacare at Thanksgiving

In one way, it is entirely appropriate to talk about Obamacare at the Thanksgiving dinner table. (Fill in your own turkey joke here). But I imagine the topic will not be a very popular one. Recognizing that, Organizing for America - the Obama grass roots organization - has some helpful hints for those who want to ruin everyone's Thanksgiving with political talk. USA Today: The tips including asking your family and guests coming over for the holiday to bring the information they'd need to sign up for Obamacare, because it's absolutely not awkward at all to tell someone you'd like him to bring wine and oh, his social security number and annual salary, too. You're advised to bring up Obamacare during "family time ... downtime after meals or between holiday activities." Perfect: When your family is curled up in chairs in a turkey/stuffing/pumpkin pie-induced stupor, you can cut off the idle reminisces about bygone days and football and kids saying the cutest things, and launch...(Read Full Post)