Applying the principles of Obamacare to a government mandated automobile program: ObamaCar.gov

The Promise

If you like your car, you can keep it. If you like your wheels you can keep them.

The Clarification

Now that, of course, means that you can keep your car only if it is right for you. ObamaCar is going to save you from your present car if it is substandard car from a "bad apple" dealer. If you deserve a better car that is the one you shall have. You'll be grateful in the long run. It may cost a bit more but in the great scheme of  ObamaCar, everyone having the car that is right for them is the right way to go.

Everyone deserves the car that is right for them. Every family deserves the car that is right for them.

Also, of course, there is no point in you having too much car. Some people having too much car means some people will have less. That means the people that have too much car must pay more. That will balance out everyone's right to have the right car - the one that is right for them.

Our brain trust has spent time and resources studying just what is right and for whom. We have incorporated their findings into a systems of rules and regulations which have been imbedded into an IT system which is available at CarExchanges and on the internet. It is a simple and effective system available now. Just log onto ObamaCar.gov.

It's hope and change you can believe it. We are the ones we have been waiting for and here we are. We have arrived!

The Reality

"The bottom line is that the administration expected 51% of all employer plans to be terminated as a result of Obamacare. That is the mid-range estimate; the high-end estimate was 69%. So as of 2010, the Obama administration planned that most Americans with employer-sponsored health care plans would lose them, whether they liked those plans or not."

First it was cash for clunkers now it is clunkers for cash.  That's progress - Obama style.

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