ObamaCare finds its Level

ObamaCare promotion has now sunk to the lowest level conceivable: fake e-mail "testimonials" blasted out to unrelated comment threads. These are in imitation of the "sister-in-law" employment ads that have infested internet threads since the days of Hammurabi: "By gosh, my sister-in-law makes $3,587.53 a week over the internet, working only three hours a day, etc."

Here's an almost identical comment that appeared yesterday, on a thread to an article dealing with how to identify psychopaths (a topic of some interest to me, since I know about fifty of them):


Thank God for Affordable Health Care. We have been paying $1730 a month for bottom end Blue cross Blue Shield for some time now. With AHC we now can get the best care and only have to pay a little over $ 800 a month. Thank you Obama for making this happen. If you see negatives on here it is for sure they are GOP people trying to hurt Obama at our health care lose. Don't listen to them please!!!!

Note the similarities: the bogus personalization, the overwrought enthusiasm put in the most simpleminded terms, the specific, odd monetary figures added for verisimilitude. The only difference is that the "sister-in-law" emails generally don't feature a villain -- or for that matter, a savior. ("Thank you Obama...")

This is from hunger. You can't get more desperate than to resort to this type of promotion. It reeks of "scam" from the first word to the last. The fact that the Obama machine has resorted to this tactic only five weeks into the program tells us two things: first, they have nothing else left, have panicked, and are madly scrambling for any alternative at all, and second, that the program itself is in far worse shape than is being publicly acknowledged.

It hard to believe that there's anyone who still takes this -- by which I mean ObamaCare, its authors, and the entire circus -- seriously. But needless to say, they're out there, ready to sign on the dotted line, to grab that big brass ring, and to get in on the ground floor!!!