Obamacare failed because government is too small - no, really

Sometimes, we should just sit back and let liberals reveal how monumentally stupid they really are. The Nation: At this point, we don't know if the Affordable Care Act will eventually succeed and endure, and anybody who tells you it will or won't is indulging in ideological wish fulfillment. What does seem clear is that unless circumstances change, it will fall short of its original goal of insuring 27 million Americans by at least 5 million people--and perhaps many, many more. These shortcomings, however, are a result of government being too small--too clipped, constrained, underfunded and underpowered--to achieve Obamacare's policy aims, not vice versa. Here's how the Affordable Care Act ran into trouble. The drafters of the law planned to insure 16 million poor and near-poor Americans through an expansion of Medicaid. As a carrot, they fully funded the expansion at the outset and funded 90 percent of it by 2020--a formula much more generous than what's currently...(Read Full Post)