Obama, Obamacare in polling freefall

A new CBS News poll shows President Obama and his health insurance law are in virtual free fall. The president's approval stands at 37% - down a whopping 9 points in just a month. Obamacare is faring even worse. Approval for the law is down to 31% with Obamacare disapproval at 61% - its highest ever in the CBS poll. Some other highlights: More than a month after the health care exchanges opened, just one in 10 Americans think the sign-up for the exchanges has been going well. Instead, more than two-thirds think it's not going well - including seven in 10 of those who have looked up information on the exchanges themselves. And just a third of Americans are confident that the federal government's healthcare website - HealthCare.gov - will be fixed by the December 1st deadline set by the Obama administration. Thirty-four percent are at least somewhat confident, while almost two thirds are either not very or not at all confident. Fifty-five percent of Democrats are at...(Read Full Post)