Obama, Obamacare in polling freefall

A new CBS News poll shows President Obama and his health insurance law are in virtual free fall. The president's approval stands at 37% - down a whopping 9 points in just a month.

Obamacare is faring even worse. Approval for the law is down to 31% with Obamacare disapproval at 61% - its highest ever in the CBS poll.

Some other highlights:

More than a month after the health care exchanges opened, just one in 10 Americans think the sign-up for the exchanges has been going well. Instead, more than two-thirds think it's not going well - including seven in 10 of those who have looked up information on the exchanges themselves.

And just a third of Americans are confident that the federal government's healthcare website - HealthCare.gov - will be fixed by the December 1st deadline set by the Obama administration.

Thirty-four percent are at least somewhat confident, while almost two thirds are either not very or not at all confident. Fifty-five percent of Democrats are at least somewhat confident.

Just seven percent of Americans think the Affordable Care Act is working well and should be kept in place as it is. Far more, 48 percent, think there are some good things in the law, but changes are needed to make it work better, and another 43 percent think the law needs to be repealed entirely.

The president's overall job approval rating has declined among many demographic groups since last month, including independents (a 12-point drop), men (down 9 points), and women (a 10-point drop). More women now disapprove than approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing as president.

The president has also taken a big hit in the honesty/trustworthy category. Previously, his numbers were in the 60's. The CBS poll measures it at 49%.

The takeaway here is that it is only going to get worse for the foreseeable future. The website won't be ready by November 30 - and probably not for months after that. There is still a wave building for repeal, although it has not quite reached critical mass yet - the point where even most Democrats will want to scrap the law and start over.

But given the drip, drip, drip of bad news, it may be just a matter of time before Democrats head for the hills and support repeal in order to try and save their jobs.

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