NFL's Obamacare Touchdowns, Rush Limbaugh, and Big Bang Theory

It is no secret that the National Football League, and football in general, has been under attack from a lot of quarters recently. Concussions, murder, bullying, and controversial rules changes have dominated the headlines. Youth football participation is reportedly down ten percent this year, and number one fan Rush Limbaugh confessed to simply losing interest on his show this Monday, something that was unthinkable for the long time Pittsburgh Steeler fanatic just months ago. I knew that the cross-dressing the league goes through every October with all the ENDA approved pink (albeit for a worthy cause) would catch up to them, but that's another story. To be sure, the NFL is doing extremely well financially at the moment. All revenues are up, and everyone is making money. Tons of money. However, this is a league and a sport facing longer-term foundational challenges, and there's no indication that the league suits are capable of navigating these dangerous waters. After all, the...(Read Full Post)