It's the redistribution, stupid

That which could never be uttered, the massive redistribution of wealth occassioned by Obamacare was always the dirty little secret that the president and Democrats tried to hide from the American people. James Oliphant at National Journal reminds us of the way the president tried to sell the program: "it would "keep government out of health care decisions"; it would prevent insurers from "dropping your coverage." He said the program "would not add to our deficit," that it would "slow the growth of health care costs in the long run," that it would be "paid for" but not "on the backs of middle-class families." In other words, President Obama forgot to mention that somebody would have to pay for all of this: Four years later, as the program that all sides now dub "Obamacare" stumbles through its tortuous implementation, the furor over the rollout of the federal online insurance exchange has obscured a larger, more fundamental truth: If the program was going to fulfill all...(Read Full Post)