Hillary for President? Really?

There's a lot of blather going the rounds of the liberal echo chamber that goes something like "It's about time we had a woman president." Is it really? Five years ago the mantra went "It's about time we had a black president." Look how well that's worked out for us, as individuals and as a nation. Do women really believe that having a female president will help them get a job where they personally will get both respect as well as a respectable income level? Really? Women should realize that blacks, men and women both thought the same thing when Barack Obama was elected. Yet after five years of an Obama presidency, black unemployment is significantly higher than white unemployment. You can follow most of the relevant (and stupefying) statistics at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Saying that it's Hillary's "turn" is insulting to her (which bothers me not a bit), as well as to all women and the vast majority of men. How can that be, you ask? Well, it implies that Hillary...(Read Full Post)