Hard to see how immigration reform passes now

As we navigate through the ObamaCare fiasco and "the promise of keeping your policy," it's hard to see how immigration reform can fit into this busy calendar.  We will see more protests directed at Congress but it won't really have an impact. 2013 is over.  There is no bill on the floor and the Senate proposal will not get out of the House.  The Senate bill was never debated openly by Senators.  The ObamaCare 2,000 page fiasco will make it difficult to pass anything "comprehensive" in the near future! The first quarter of 2014 will be all about the budget.  We will see a repeat of the last 60 days without the shutdown.  The other big difference is that President Obama is weaker politically than two months ago. The primaries start in the second quarter and every politician, running or defending his seat, will be on an election mode.  Politicians avoid controversy during election seasons so forget immigration. ...(Read Full Post)