Freak storms in Illinois kill 6

Midwesterners are used to tornado watches and warnings. But those almost always occur in the spring and summer months when cool Candadian air is met by moist air coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. Where they meet - all hell breaks loose. Having spent all but 12 of my nearly 6o years living in the Midwest, it came as a shock when yesterday around 12:30 PM, the tornado sirens wailed in my small town of Streator, about 100 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. I had lived through the Streator tornado of 2010 when a twister roared through my neighborhood, destroying houses less than 200 yards away from my own. So I had a distinct feeling of deja vu when the winds began to pick up and a wall of rain began to blow through my yard. But in November? As the Chicago Tribune reports, it was a freak of nature that led to conditions ripe for tornado formation: Meteorologists had predicted the violent storms days ahead of time, anticipating volatile atmospheric conditions that are freakish...(Read Full Post)