Far left wants a challenger for Hillary in 2016

Well, of course they do. Hillary just isn't liberal enough for the Occupy Wall Street faction of the Democratic party. Their preferred candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, may look like a school marm but has the populist chops to excite much of the base of the Democratic party. Another possible candidate the far left would prefer over Hillary is Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley. He doesn't have the reputation of being an anti-Wall Street shark, but his presence in the race would have much the same effect as a Warren candidacy; it would keep Clinton from manuevering to the center during the primaries. It is Warren that Wall Street fears the most. And they'd be shaking in their boots if a Warren-Rand Paul race were to materialize. Politico: And the fear is not only that Warren, who channels an increasingly popular strain of Occupy Wall Street-style anti-corporatism, might win. That is viewed by many political analysts as a slim possibility. It is also that a Warren...(Read Full Post)