Don't Fire Democrats in 2014, 'Transition' Them

The most "transparent" administration in the history of the universe is for the very first time living up to that title, albeit in one area only. The utterly embarrassing disaster and convoluted set of lies known as ObamaCare has given Americans a front row seat at one of the windows into big government -- and the view is anything but pretty. Conservatives are surly not surprised by the results of this law's implementation. But those who did believe the lies and misinformation spread by the president -- Democrats, mainstream media, Hollywood and even WebMD -- are seemingly left in a total daze, knowing not what to do or who to turn to after being so brazenly misled. Vulnerable Democrats are now doing their best pretzel imitations in order to distance themselves from ObamaCare as the 2014 elections approach. And who knows, maybe even Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the Democrat Party's equivalent of Baghdad Bob, will someday be forced to concede the total failure of ObamaCare? The natural...(Read Full Post)