Dallas does a great job remembering November 22, 1963

I was in Cuba on the day that President Kennedy was assassinated.  I can still remember the phone ringing, my mother said hello and then yelled "Mataron a Kennedy", or "they killed Kennedy." Later, my father said that he had been killed in Dallas, Texas. Who would have believed that I'd be living there someday? Let me congratulate Dallas, its government and citizens for a great ceremony.  Mayor Rawlings delivered a nice speech. I loved what David McCullough, historian and author of that wonderful Truman biography said: "It was an exciting time. He talked of all that needed to be done, of so much that mattered - equal opportunity, unity of purpose, education, the life of the mind and spirit, art, poetry, service to one's country, the courage to move forward into the future, the cause of peace on earth." Dallas has carried this terrible burden for 50 years. Dallas did not kill JFK. It was Lee Harvey Oswald.  We look back to remember a sad day but it's also time...(Read Full Post)