Crashing websites and higher premiums are not funny

At least the ongoing Obamacare horror is providing Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central and the late night media talkers with continuing content that their writers would ordinarily dismiss as being unreal.  Instead of writing a skit of a few jokes now they merely have to run a video of the latest gaffe.  How about a sketch of someone portraying Health and Human Services Secretary Katherine Sebelius inviting a group of reporters to tag along with her to a hospital where several "navigators" are easily signing up previously uninsured individuals?  And then a reporter notices the screen ominously stating, "I'm sorry but the system is temporarily down."

"Oh, that happens every day," the navigator replies. 

But that's not a sketch, that's what happened Wednesday in a hospital in Miami.

"Uh, oh," she responded in Miami. 

And the glitches continued.

With TV cameras in tow, the final insult came as a Miami resident told Sebelius about his own experience trying to work with a navigator to sign up online.

'It went down three times,' the man said, 'but we're just going to keep trying.'

Sebelius told reporters that she has been the first to acknowledge that end-to-end testing of 'should have been a longer period of time' before its October 1 rollout, which has made the Obama White House an international butt of jokes.

'Had I known then what I know now, things would have been different,' she said.

Ignoring the realities HHS blithely responded

"As we continue to make improvements to the site, we know that there will be sporadic outages form time to time, as was the case Tuesday. This issue was resolved quickly. is improving every day. We have completed more than 200 items from our punch list of fixes, reduced page load times from eight seconds to less than one, and error rates are down from six percent to less than one percent. We expect that the site will be working smoothly for the vast majority of users by the end of the month."

But this is not comedy, it is becoming a tragedy for millions now with millions more to come. 

Uhm, Secretary Sebelius, you're in charge.  Why didn't you know all of this?  That's your job.  And according to numerous reports, you knew the website wasn't ready for prime time on October 1. And now people are in financial turmoil and stressed health because of this truly bizarre and un-American law.