Maybe TX gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis will finally talk about something other than abortion

The Supreme Court refused to block the new Texas abortion restrictions

We remind you that abortion was always legal in Texas.In fact, there is a clinic on LBJ Highway open for business and doing just fine.The issue was not "Roe v Wade" but rather some sensible restrictions to protect women at the clinics.

The best part of the decision is that we will finally get to hear from Senator Davis, the presumed Democrat nominee for governor of Texas, about something other than abortion.

I went to Senator Davis' website and examined her views on 4 key issues.

First, how exactly will she make education better in Texas? She wants to 'invest" in education, the classic talking point from the left.

Question: Is she willing to give parents more choice in public education?

Second, she is very vague on economic development.  Again, she repeats the talking points about putting "Texans first."

Aren't we already first in job growth in the US?  After all, you see moving vans going from California to Texas.

Third, she wants government to be more accountable. I do too.  Will Senator Davis call on President Obama to be more open on ObamaCare?

Fourth, she loves veterans. I do too.  Wonder how many veterans love her?

Last, but not surprising, her website does not talk much about abortion.  Maybe her consultants read all of those polls that a majority of women in Texas do not support abortion in the 5th month.

The GOP should win this race, unless they nominate a very poor candidate or a 3rd party magically appears like in Virginia.

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