Why is the Obamacare website so screwed up?

CGI, the firm hired by the Obama administration to develop the registry for ObamaCare, is a Canadian firm, Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique. Their track record? Their first big  project was for a Canadian firearms registry. Originally, the registry was estimated to cost $119 million, which would be offset by $117 million in fees. Instead, it ended up costing some $2 billion. Moreover, instead of  having to have the capacity to register some 100+ million Americans for ObamaCare, the firearms registry was only supposed to have the capacity to register some 7 million long guns belonging to some two-and-a-half to three million Canadians. That works out to almost $300 per gun - or somewhat higher than the original estimate for processing a firearm registration of $4.60. Of those $300 gun registrations, Canada's auditor general reported to parliament that much of the information was either duplicated or wrong in respect to basic information such as names and addresses....(Read Full Post)