Why Does the President Appear Unconcerned?

Yesterday in Boston, the President indicated that he will not adjust his signature program during his administration.   His speech was a reaction to his declining poll numbers and outrage from middle class American's against ObamaCare.  He sought to equate his program with the Massachusetts plan signed by Mitt Romney.  His efforts demonstrate his dedication to remake American society. The health care reform legislation gave the Secretary of HHS extraordinary regulatory power.  In this capacity, Secretary Sebelius promulgated rules that ensured millions of citizens would lose their health insurance plans.  Yes, there are millions of uninsured persons that might now get coverage, but this does not erase the losses.   Many see the President as uninvolved.  They cite Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, and the NSA surveillance as evidence of his disinterest.  Rather we should see how masterful this puppeteer has been.  He has...(Read Full Post)