White Soldier Killed By Black Thugs

This past weekend, twenty-year-old soldier, Tevin Geike, had just finished celebrating the completion of his military obligation with friends and fellow soldiers when the unthinkable happened.  He was killed by terrorists. For the record, the terrorist attack that took his life didn't occur on foreign soil and the terrorists themselves weren't middle-easterners.  Contrarily, the attack happened domestically in Lakewood, Washington and the terrorists were Black.  In short, they were urban terrorists who apparently killed Tevin Geike after he didn't cower in their presence. This authentic soldier didn't yield to the toy soldiers. According to Komonews.com: "20-year-old Tevin Geike was walking with two other white soldiers along Pacific Highway SW when a group of black men drove by and shouted a racial comment toward the soldiers, the Lakewood Police Department said. "One of the soldiers yelled back something about the suspects treating combat soldiers with...(Read Full Post)