Where in the world is Kathleen Sebelius?

Let's paraphrase "Little star" or that pop classic by The Elegants:    "Twinkle twinkle Kathleen, how I wonder where you are"? Nobody has seen Secretary Kathleen Sebelius these days.  Is she recovering from the John Stewart interview?  By the way, let's give John Stewart a little credit for asking the Secretary questions that the real media does not ask. Where are we as a country when a comedian is trying to hold public officials accountable? It may not be fair to blame Secretary Sebelius for everything that went wrong with the ObamaCare rollout.  At the same time, she was the woman responsible for the project and that's how it goes in the real world.  If not Secretary Sebelius, who else are we going to hold responsible?  President Obama?  The editorial board of The New York Times, the plan's biggest cheerleader?  The Democrats who voted for something that they didn't read? Frankly, I would...(Read Full Post)