When Vice Prevails

Call me old fashioned, but I consider it a vice to lie to the American Public.

I consider it a vice to hire a communications director /spokes person / press secretary to shade and spin and deflect and delay information that should properly flow to the American citizenry.  I believe to not allow factual information to flow, with the exception of that with a legitimate national security element, is a breach of our form of government. It is also a breach of the oath of office for those federally elected.

This includes the stonewalling of House Committees charged with the seemingly simple task of discovering who approved of Fast and Furious. Heavily redacted documents are not an appropriate response to responsible inquisitions from duly elected officials. 

"When vice prevails, and the impious bear sway, the post of honor is a lonely station."

Cato, Joseph Addison, essayist and poet (1672-1719)

I think we are here, at his point.  Vice does prevail. The impious that are Jarrett, Holder, and Axelrod bear sway.

Say what you will of Ted Cruz, he stood up, declared that what was transpiring was wrong, and behaved as his constituents would have wanted him to behave.  Refreshingly so.

Fully acknowledging that some of the Cruz actions were show business because politics has a certain element, it was also of substance.  Perhaps his due and proper recognition for attempting the proper course will be retroactive.  As Obamacare stumbles from the blocks operationally, it will also stop, drop and roll once its full implementation and ramifications meet the check books of the working Americans.

Faith in human nature must contain the simple notion that those lied to will eventually take notice.  What is unclear is the subsequent reaction. Will the aura and chicness of having that Obama-Biden bumper sticker outweigh the feeling of stupidity assumed shortly after realizing you have been duped?

Senator Cruz and others who stand and denounce the untruths, biases, fact weaving antics of this administration only begin in a "lonely station," but they will soon be on the crest of the tide of an awakening to this preposterous administration and its rouse of a deceit-guided ideological agenda.  Jam it, cram it, lie about it...but get it passed and into law.

As for this President....and his policies....

Authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without an edge, fitter to bruise than polish. Anne Bradstreet, poet (1612-1672)

Is there no better example than this Obama era?  Alleged scholarly guidance, woven with dishonesty, false imagery, non compromising, and rife with blatant pandering.  Recruiting those to be reliant on the public dole. Policies that bruise?  Indeed. Policies that divide a nation. Most assuredly. Wisdom, where art thou?

Bruce Johnson

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