Obama just got used to saying things that were never challenged

President, and before, candidate Obama had the benefit of saying things that the media never challenged.  It's true that they were challenged by the GOP but that is partisan.  What we did not have was an aggressive, but respectful media.

He was going to close GITMO was one of the early promises.  He even signed an executive order to close it within a year. But GITMO is still open and will likely stay open the day that President Obama flies home to Chicago in early 2017. I'm not good at predictions but I can predict today that #45 will inherit GITMO.

He said that you could keep your own health care plan or doctor.  I'm sure that you've seen all of the "video loops" of President Obama making the statement. It looks like millions won't keep their insurance.

Where was the media on both of these?  They weren't doing their job.This is why he got away with making these statements.

On GITMO, no one in the media asked a simple question:  "What are you going to do with the 200-plus people there?  What country is going to take them?  What jail in the US are they going to?"

On health care, no one forced President Obama to explain how people with individual policies were going to transfer to newly designed requirements such as maternity or mental health coverage.  

I'm not bashing the media, a popular pastime among many conservatives. I'm simply saying that they did not challenge candidate and President Obama.

To be fair, some in the media are asking questions now.  Perhaps they are finally "out of the tank."    Millions of people getting premium increases will do that to you.

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