What are the odds?

Odds that this will appear on all four broadcast network news show this evening? 1000-1 Odds that this will appear on any broadcast network new show every? 100-1 Odds that this couple will appear on the cover of any magazine? 365-1 Odds that a national newspaper or network will commission the first poll to determine the amount of racism in the black community? 250-1 Odds that President Obama will use this attack as a teaching moment? 10,000-1 By Thomas Tracy And Barry Paddock of the New York Daily News: Brooklyn group of black youths blocks white couple's car, bloody victims in racial attack: cops Authorities say Ronald and Alana Russo were pummeled by attackers - ranging in age from 12 to 18 - who showered them with racial slurs. One Brooklyn teen says he was falsely arrested because he was wearing the same outfit as one of the assailants. An intersection near Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn became the scene of a brutal attack by a group of black youths...(Read Full Post)