We are Fighting so Men can Beat their Wives?

Ours is a military family. Grandpa served in the Navy during WWII. Our son serves in the Marine Corps. Those who volunteer to serve cannot speak out for themselves, so civilians must step up and do their duty in that regard. It is safe to say most military personnel and their families feel a deep, deep alienation from this president. That is bizarre. Isn't the commander in chief supposed to support and respect the troops? Isn't it optimal for line troops to respect their commander? Our sons and daughters are being killed and maimed fighting wars the commander either denies or opposes. Our sons and daughters are hamstrung by this president's rules of engagement. These rules make sitting ducks of our troops. The president is responsible for this, and many crimes, along with his stumbling, mumbling secretary of defense. Funding Al Qaeda in Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is bad enough, but allowing Jihadist sympathizers to serve in the administration as well? Funding and...(Read Full Post)