Very quietly, administration 'tweaks' individual mandate

It's not a delay of the mandate. Obama just waved his magic executive power wand and altered the date where consumers actually have to be covered by a health insurance plan. Don't worry. I'm sure it's all perfectly, well, he says it is. Washington Post: The Obama administration said Wednesday night that it will give Americans who buy health insurance through the new online marketplaces an extra six weeks to obtain coverage before they incur a penalty. The announcement means that those who buy coverage through the exchange will have until March 31 to sign up for a plan, according to an official with the Department of Health and Human Services. Administration officials said that the rejiggered deadline is unrelated to the many technical problems that have emerged with the Web site,, in its first three weeks. Instead, they said, it is designed to clear up a timing confusion about the 2010 law, which for the first time requires most Americans to buy...(Read Full Post)