Tough but Necessary

The received wisdom of the shutdown has descended from on high and is now carved in stone and placed above the altar where the chickens are sacrificed: do not start any battles you aren't 150% certain you can win. We've heard this from the Dems, legacy media pundits, and even much of the GOP. Charley Cook actually went so far as to consult a psychiatrist to get a formal diagnosis of the "hysterical delusional affirmation" that impelled Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and their allies. What this comes down to, of course, is: don't fight any battles anywhere at any time. Don't rock the boat. Don't make waves. Don't ever oppose the consensus no matter how mistaken, misguided, or "delusional" it may be. This crowd -- which includes Charley and his shrink -- are overlooking something: there are times when you fight a battle even though you know you are going to lose. I can't recall Cruz or Lee or anyone else predicting a complete victory. They were well aware what was in the cards and how much of a...(Read Full Post)