Tommy Robinson Leaves the EDL

Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League (a counter-jihad and anti-Islamist movement in England), has just resigned in order to join hands with the Muslim organization Quilliam, a group which says that its primary aim is to 'fight against extremism in the Muslim community'. (Another twelve senior EDL members have also left.) Tommy Robinson has justified his decision by saying that he doesn't 'want to lead a war against all Muslims'. It was also partly explained by his fight against open National Socialists (Nazis) within the movement; though not always strictly within the EDL itself. For example, Tommy Robinson's main problem, according to the British National Party (BNP), is to see things in terms of Islam and the behavior of Muslims (as Muslims) rather than in terms of race. On the BNP website it said: "As genuine nationalists we have deep ideological differences with the EDL leaders who openly support the ethno-cultural genocide of the indigenous English through...(Read Full Post)