This shutdown feels like a baseball 'rain delay'

The shutdown is on and it feels a lot like a "rain delay": First, the game stops and it will resume. It may last a long time but they will play again; and, Second, we have a  "theatre" to keep us occupied.  We get to watch old videos of Clinton & Gingrich back in '95.  We hear the same template about how the GOP will be blamed in 2013 because they were in 1995. Of course, they always forget to tell you that the GOP kept the House and Senate in '96 and beyond. We hear that the GOP lost seats in '96.  They don't tell you that there was a wave election in '94 and it's not unusual for those seats to go back in the next election. They tell you that President Clinton was reelected in '96.  Yes, he was.  He was reelected running as "a centrist" or Republican Lite is what many angry Democrats used to call him.  I think that 4.8% unemployment had a lot more to do with President Clinton getting 48% in a 3-way...(Read Full Post)