The Tea Party: Last Hope for America

Mary read it out loud from her computer: "Booker Wins!"  The news hit me like a punch in the gut.  Despite months of intense campaigning, making remarkable gains in the polls, and rallying the Tea Party, far-left radical liberal Democrat Cory Booker beat conservative Republican Steve Lonegan for the New Jersey U.S. Senate seat. The cold reality is Booker's $11.2 million war chest vs Lonegan's $1.35 million.  Still, the race was much closer than panicked Democrats expected.  Lonegan boldly touted conservative principles.  He outperformed Mitt Romney's Nov. 2012 vote totals in most New Jersey counties. On election day, I felt a bit yucky, fighting a cold and tired.  Booker's win added to my yuckiness.  Camped out on the sofa, I watched a TV show titled The Book of Manning, a documentary about the Manning family and their amazing football legacy. Folks, that TV show helped to get me through the...(Read Full Post)