The Obamacare Numbers My Inquiring Mind Wants to Know

I am one of the apparently many Americans whose existing health insurance policies have been cancelled due to Obamacare and who have had to search out new policies as a result.  My new policy has an increase -- and not the so sonorously promised decrease --  in monthly premiums from $450 to $700 in order to provide the pregnancy and childbirth coverage my previous policy lacked, coverage that I consider a rather unnecessary luxury for a 61-year-old woman.  For the mathematically and biologically challenged, that comes to $3000 per year additional cost for coverage I have not got a chance in hell to use. Along with the rest of you, I have observed the horrendous rollout of Obamacare and heard the demands from conservatives for information about the number of people who have actually managed to sign up for Obamacare through the exchanges.   My wishes are a bit different, however, based on the experiences of those of us who have lost policies and are now trying...(Read Full Post)