The immigration marches did not have a lot of marchers

Saturday was supposed to be the day of the big immigration march, according to SEIU planners:   "On October 5, 2013, the broadest and most diverse movement in our country right now will bring together diverse communities from immigrant, faith, labor, and civil rights groups. Thousands will join in over 90 marches and rallies across our nation to call on Congress to pass commonsense immigration reform with a pathway to earned citizenship in 2013." It was supposed to be the day that Congress got the message about immigration reform, according to other planners. Let's just say that many stayed home or didn't get the memo.  It had to be a disappointment because there were not the large crowds that the planners had hoped for. My guess is that this is further evidence that Hispanics are disenchanted with Democrats who make promises and do not fulfill them, such as President Obama doing nothing about immigration reform despite huge congressional...(Read Full Post)