The Golden Goose is Almost Done

The President compared the Affordable Care Act to the Apple Corporation yesterday while attempting to defend the flailing of the new and expanding Obamacare bureaucracy.  A few days earlier, he had invoked the Runaway Slave Act in a similar confused analogy.  In the frenzy of trying to defend the indefensible, Barack Obama is starting to sound like Mrs. Malaprop. Unfortunately, Richard Sheridan enriched culture with humor; there's nothing funny about another incompetent federal monolith midst an economy already corrupted by social excess, debt, and deficit spending. In the first instance, Apple Corporation is a money maker, an unalloyed entrepreneurial success.  Obamacare only consumes, it will not create wealth. Just as surely it will create jobs -- another army of inert government apparatchiks, a world where the phrase "public servant' can never be more than half true. Steve Jobs actually fired corporate deadwood to reform Apple and return it to profitability. He...(Read Full Post)