The Face of Terrorism

Last week, while Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) attempted to negotiate a two-state solution, a Palestinian gunman snuck into a Jewish settlement on the West Bank and shot a nine-year-old girl in the torso. Afterward, someone working for the PA praised the attack online. The attack was conducted during a ceasefire, and didn't serve any military purpose (aside from terrifying noncombatants). Many on the left fail to understand that terrorism isn't strictly a means to an end; terrorists often murder civilians simply to gratify their bloodlust, independent of any political goals. They fail to see the underlying moral viciousness displayed by these attacks, or appreciate why states are reluctant to negotiate with terrorists. To understand terrorism one has to ask the question, what do acts of terror reveal about the perpetrators? If terrorism is defined as the deliberate killing of enemy civilians, minimally it reveals ruthlessness on the part of those behind it, and callousness...(Read Full Post)