The day my uncle had an encounter with Che

Let me add my "thumbs up" to Jorge Ponce & Humberto Fontova for reminding us, especially the younger generation, about the life and times of Che.  On this day in 1967, Che Guevara was executed in Bolivia.  No one knows for sure but Che disappeared from public view in 1965.  He reappeared in Bolivia in 1966 with a handful of other revolutionaries. Their goal was to take "communism" to South America's poorest country and start some movement over the continent. It failed miserably and Che was eventually captured and executed.  His diary (published after his death) reveals a beaten man who could not convince Bolivian peasants to join his movement. Che's biggest mistake is that he confused Cuba with Bolivia.  In Cuba, the communists came to power by saying that they were not communists. They betrayed the Cuban people.   In Bolivia, Che found peasants who were very skeptical of foreigners, specially...(Read Full Post)