The Affordable Care Act: Rosemary's Baby?

Talking heads all over the coastal blue belts and inside the Beltway are belting the Republicans as the big losers in the momentous political struggle over government funding and ObamaCare.  The media consensus, including too many at FOX, is that the Republicans caved and have thus handed the Dems and President Zero a huge victory, setting the stage for a Democratic sweep in next year's congressional elections. Excuse me, but have any of those pundits factored into that equation the blooming national disaster so ironically labeled the Affordable Care Act?  Starting with an enrollment system that is mostly inaccessible, and when it is, grudgingly unfolding in bits and bytes, is a budget-rending monstrosity for most young Americans who must purchase their own health insurance, ObamaCare is a gift the Republicans should accept as an unread blessing.  The blogosphere is ripe with examples of sticker shock expressed by younger people who are for the first...(Read Full Post)