Study shows TV networks blamed GOP for shutdown

From our "Why am I not surprised" file, the Media Research Center conducted a study of TV network news coverage during the shutdown and discovered that the coverage almost universally blamed Republicans. Yahoo News: "What those viewers heard," according to the MRC analysis, "was a version of the shutdown story that could easily have emanated from Barack Obama's own White House.""This current government shutdown traces its history back to a determined core of GOP House members who are vehemently against Obamacare and were willing to shut down the government because of it," Brian Williams said on the Oct. 14 broadcast of "NBC Nightly News," MRC's Rich Noyes noted in a blog post announcing the study.Of the 124 stories broadcast on the ABC, NBC and CBS nightly newscasts about the shutdown from Oct. 1 through Oct. 15, the study found 41 blamed Republicans or conservatives for the impasse, 17 blamed both sides and none specifically blamed Democrats.In the two weeks leading...(Read Full Post)