Spain's Green Dreams Blow Up

Green dreamers in Spain once touted solar power as a cheap answer to their energy needs.  Then economic reality intervened: Spain's economy went from boom to bust -- and "green incentives" became too costly for the government (er, taxpayers).  As a consequence, Spain's cash-strapped government has drastically scaled back its generous "green" subsidies since the 2008 real-estate meltdown. Now, green dreamers are getting more bad news: Spain's Parliament is expected, on January 1, to approve a levy on renewable-energy production intended for personal use, according to a Wall Street Journal article, "Spaniards Gird for Fee on Solar Power."  It's bad news for "a small but growing segment of the middle class: people who have joined a Europe-wide move toward self-sufficiency by installing solar panels in their homes and businesses," the article pointed out.  Citing the case of Diego Nicolás, a 55-year-old auto mechanic, the Journal explains...(Read Full Post)