Shut Down the Government

Shut it down. Shut the government down.

Send all the "non-essential" bureaucrats packing. Cut them from the payroll immediately. Then, start lopping the "essential" ones.

Do away with all those worthless government programs we keep hearing about, such as the National Park Service's video production praising Islam's contributions to women's rights (like honor killings and genital mutilation). Shut down all government propaganda aimed at increasing Americans' tolerance for the least tolerant of religions.

Lay off all the IRS personnel who betrayed the American people and perverted their charge by intimidating, investigating, auditing and bullying citizens exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Shut down the criminally compromised IRS.

Shut down the EPA, along with all the other federal agencies that have formed their own paramilitary enforcement tactical units. Shut down the NSA that has been spying on ordinary Americans and lying about it. Shut down all appropriations for domestic use of drones.

Shut down the State Department that has been so thoroughly incompetent in providing embassy security. Shut down any funding or weapons support for the Syrian rebels led by al Qaeda operatives. Shut down all foreign aid.

Shut down the taxpayer-subsidized barbershops and cafeterias on Capitol Hill. Shut down free parking garages for federal employees and reserved free parking for Members of Congress at Washington-area airports. Shut down all the special perks our senators and representatives enjoy, including immunity to traffic and parking violations and their own ObamaCare-exempt premium healthcare benefits.

Shut down all the agencies that are dumping more and more coercive, strangling, costly regulations on businesses large and small. Shut down all the inexplicable, incomprehensible taxes levied on telephone and utility bills.

Go through the entire government, line item by line item, shutting down anything that is not working, has outlived its usefulness, is cost-ineffective, or makes no sense. Don't have a budget (like the U.S. Senate)? Make one. It's required by law.

Shut down the White House Communications Office so we don't have to listen to Jay Carney lie every day.

And while all this is shutting down, shut down ObamaCare. It won't work, is too expensive and intrusive, and we don't want it.

Shut down all the rampant spending that has led us to the brinksmanship we're getting so tired of with each continuing resolution to fund a government that is bloated, out of control and ruled over by self-interested, feather-bedding establishment politicians from both parties. Spending will be curtailed. From real-world experience, we'd realize how many government workers and programs are thoroughly worthless drains on our wallets and threats to our individual liberty.

Shut it all down. The sun will still rise in the morning and maybe, just maybe, there will be an outbreak of sanity in the United States of America.


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