Cloture Vote Exposes GOP Hacks

All across the country, voters are paying closer attention to the particulars of Senate procedures. As a result, they were angered and insulted by Senator Lindsey Graham, who dishonestly tried to hide behind procedural motions like the recent cloture vote and claim to support defunding ObamaCare while their votes actually make it more difficult to do just that.

This newfound understanding and interest by voters is a positive development for the future of liberty. It is an extension of the engagement on the part of citizens that was sparked by Rick Santelli's 'Lake Michigan Tea Party' rant in early 2009, and began in earnest with the town hall meetings later that spring. In the four and a half years since, millions of ordinary Americans have become increasingly aware of the Constitution and the problems caused by a bloated and arrogant government. There is also a growing recognition of how these isolated establishment elites hide behind the trumped-up complexities and subtleties of an absurd system they think we are not smart enough to figure out.

These ordinary people were pushed to the limit recently when 25 Republican Senators rejected the leadership of Ted Cruz and voted with Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer on a technical procedural vote defunding ObamaCare and then had the gall to use social media to deliberately deceive the voters. Some, like Lindsey Graham and John McCain, refused to allow their staffers to even answer complaints from constituents on this issue.Instead, they hid behind an equally dishonest voice mail recording.

Remember, these are the same members of Congress who wrote ObamaCare and then tried to sneak a work-around to shield themselves personally from some of the most onerous penalties of this legislative train-wreck.

For many decades, members in both houses of Congress have easily gotten away with just this kind of deception. In fact, it has been standard operating procedure.

This has to stop.

Perhaps they are starting to get the message. Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin mocked Graham for how he handled this entire charade. Graham's deceptive Tweets are now going viral and are being met with almost universal scorn. This kind of appalling behavior and imperiousness is precisely why Senator Graham is preferred by less than one in three South Carolina Republicans according to a recent poll. This is why others who acted as Graham did, including Mitch McConnell and Lamar Alexander, are also getting strong challenges from conservatives in Kentucky and Tennessee as well.

It is fitting that a small procedural vote regarding ObamaCare might just be the tipping point that brings down the whole scheme. Of course, we expect statists like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi to continue trying to ram this train-wreck of socialism down our throats. This is who they are and the kind of government-run society that they want.

Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and others hoped that they could get away with their subterfuge, hiding behind voice mail messages, Tweets, and Facebook posts. It did not work.

I'm not sure what's worse: that they tried to help Obamacare along, or that they thought we were not smart enough to figure it out. Either way, it is time for Lindsey Graham to be retired from the Senate, and that is exactly what I am going to do.

The author is a state Senator challenging Lindsey Graham in the upcoming Senate Primary.