Our Topsy-Turvy Holidays

Our national holidays used to be straightforward; they were religious (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas) or they celebrated patriotic heroes (Washington, Lincoln, war veterans) or events (July 4, Columbus, Armistice). Nowadays, they are mostly an excuse for long weekends. But sometimes, they are exercises in twisted bigotry. Take the case of Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California, where ...three students arrived for classes in 2010 wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo. Unpleasant verbal exchanges and altercations marked the previous year's Cinco de Mayo celebrations... So when students told administrators that trouble was a possibility because of the American flag attire, the students were ordered to turn their shirts inside out or go home...The three students have since graduated, but a federal appeals court in San Francisco on Thursday will consider their lawsuit alleging the school violated their free speech and equal protections rights guaranteed by the U.S....(Read Full Post)