Obama Unaware, continued

The President and his mouthpiece Jay Carney are wearing out the "I didn't know, we can't comment because of the ongoing investigation", excuses. Ignorance is allowed to be the best defense. And the White House press corps apparently feels his ignorance.  They are all ignorant together.  We will now field questions on gay marriage and immigration. He did not know of Merkel phone taps.  But he knows how the putts break at Congressional. The leader of the free world didn't know that the government he heads was monitoring the private communications of the leaders of other free world nations. Frankly, I would be surprised if we weren't monitoring or attempting to monitor everything we can get our hands/ ears on.  I always had issue with other countries attempting to spy on us, but it is a game, and fair at that. What is distasteful is the spying on us by countries to which we give large sums of "aid".  Perhaps the gifting should be conditional. but I digress. Now,...(Read Full Post)