Newest urban legend: Obamacare enrollees

Mockery of Obamacare's incompetent rollout has spread to the mainstream media, no longer able to ignore the fiasco. Case in point: The Miami Herald, not exactly a right wing rag. Nearly two weeks after the federal government launched the online Health Insurance Marketplace at, individuals who have successfully used the choked-up website to enroll for a subsidized health insurance plan have reached a status akin to urban legend: Everyone has heard of them, but very few people have actually met one. The Miami Herald searched high and low for individuals who completed enrollment for a subsidized health plan through the marketplace, also called an exchange, launched by the federal government on Oct. 1 in 36 states, including Florida. (snip) As of Friday, however, only a smattering of success stories had emerged in news reports., an online news outlet, reported that a 21-year-old Georgia resident who enrolled successfully has become a cause célèbre, with...(Read Full Post)