Mom and Dad Together, as It Should Be

Home is a place with a function.  It is the roof under which Mom and Dad, together in marriage, ground and raise a family.  It is a place where children love and learn and build memories they carry within themselves for decades to come. I remember being a child at home in Kentucky.  When the sun began to set in the late autumn sky, I knew mom would be home any moment -- because she always got home from work about 6:30 p.m. Anticipating her arrival, I would stand on the cushions of the couch in the front room of our house and press my face against the glass of the picture window -- straining to see down the road so I could spot her headlights coming around the corner before my brother or sister did. And every night, she came home without fail.  This was not lost on me -- this was her home. Once home, Mom would find my father drinking coffee -- he got home at 5:30 p.m. -- and my brother and sister and me waiting for a hug (and some dinner). Like so many...(Read Full Post)