Memo details terrorist's 'dry run' aboard flight last month

We've been hearing these reports for years, but this appears to be the real deal. On a flight from Washington to Orlando last month, several Middle Eastern men caused what was termed a commotion and "appeared to be conducting a test run to gauge procedure and reaction to an in-flight threat during an incident aboard US Airways Flight 1880 from Reagan National Airport to Orlando International Airport on Sept. 2," according to Fox News: "They are trying to pull out air marshals if they are on board, or law enforcement if they are on board," an unidentified federal air marshal told the station. "They are looking for how the crew reacts." U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., has since called for an investigation into the "suspicious" incident. "It is government's obligation and responsibility to remain vigilant," the statement read. "While the specifics of the US Air incident are not public, federal authorities must review the matter." Experts said the incident could be an indication of...(Read Full Post)