Maureen Dowd Dumps on Obama

NYT columnist Maureen Dowd, no conservative by any means, just wrote a column calling President Obama a "cold cat on a hot stove" This was in reference to an old aphorism from Mark Twain, who noted that one should learn the right lessons from an experience lest they wind up like the cat who, once burned by sitting on a hot stove, will never sit on a cold one either. Instead of taking on the role of a magnanimous victor in the latest Washington battle, he instead took to the podium to continue his reign as "lecturer in chief." Instead of reaching out to the opposition in order to set up negotiations for the rest of his second-term agenda, he instead scolded the GOP, once again, and presented a laundry list of goals just as immigration reform, a farm bill and a budget deal that includes deficit cuts. Dowd noted that his additional goals are a hike in the minimum wage, financing for preschool education, and spending on infrastructure such as roads and bridges. She correctly...(Read Full Post)