Man Arrested, Guns Seized for Carrying More than 7 Rounds

The Buffalo News is reporting that law enforcement agents seized all of the registered handguns from the home of a man who had been arrested earlier this month.  His "crime"?  Carrying ten rounds of 9mm ammunition in his legally registered handgun instead of seven rounds. Paul Wojdan of Lockport, NY became the latest victim of New York State's anti-gun fascism when a car driven by his wife was pulled over for speeding.  Cops searched the car and discovered that Wojdan had ten rounds of ammunition in his handgun.  Under Andrew Cuomo's ultra-draconian "NY SAFE" Act passed in January, it is a crime to load more than seven rounds of ammunition into any firearm unless at an approved shooting range, where ten rounds are permitted.  (Thus, under New York State law, one is permitted to shoot ten rounds at a paper target, but if a gang of rapists or murderers invades your home, you will be charged if you shoot more than seven rounds at...(Read Full Post)