Leave your Obamacare complaints here

So, you're one of the many hundreds of thousands (so far) who have been dropped from your perfectly decent health care insurance because of Obamacare.  Or maybe your new Obamacare insurance plan has a higher cost along with a higher deductible.  Or you can't even get on the government site to access this "wonderful product" as President Barack Obama (D) called his namesake act.  Well, don't complain to us, it's not our fault. Go directly to the Obamacare's Facebook page itself and join the thousands of dissatisfied customers to register your complaint such as these.  How is it that Facebook, which is a non-essential social networking web site, can reliably handle BILLIONS of electronic interactions per second, but the Healthcare.gov site, which is literally the very heart of the Obamacare program wasn't ready for the obvious millions of visitors that you had to know it would be receiving? These prices are outrageous and there are huge deductibles.  No one...(Read Full Post)