It's the Redistribution of Health Insurance Coverage and Nothing Else

Did you get the letter from your insurance company yet? Got my letter today. Being the responsible party for my insurance costs, the communication came to me.  Perhaps your employer will get a similar letter. I have been informed that I have essentially two options. One is to pay 60% per month more for the same coverage. Two is to reduce my benefits to keep the premium at the same rate. This is redistribution of health insurance coverage and nothing else. My coverage has been shifted to others.  It has been taken away from me and given to others. Just as if one of my cars was taken from my family garage, my family has the choice of trying to make do with one car, or paying more and replacing the car (benefits). Theft is a word that comes to mind.  The fact that I was lied to by the President is also prominent. "You can keep your policy and you can keep your doctor."  For the want of cross examination one might have learned the answer to this...(Read Full Post)