It's showtime: Default Theater

Political theater is afoot big time.  Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Harry Reid, is saying that if the Republicans don't give him what he wants, no Continuing Resolution will be passed and the debt ceiling won't be raised which will cause the United states to default on payment of its debts for the first time in history.  It should be noted that 12 times more revenue necessary to pay those debts is collected each month by the Treasury.   Perhaps it is time for Mr. Reid to consult with experts who face this kind of problem monthly  --  the average American family.  They could explain to Mr. Reid that if there is not enough money to pay for everything they want and still have enough to pay the mortgage, some of the planned payments will have to be delayed or eliminated in order to leave enough income to pay the mortgage on time.  In other words, they establish priorities for expenditures, and the ones with the highest ...(Read Full Post)