Is Dennis Miller Right?

Dennis Miller has taken the course that what has happened to this country is not soon to be reversed, and that to twist and contort ones self over this fact is to deny yourself a certain measure of happiness.  In short, it can't be fixed right now, don't let it bother you too much, if at all.  It's done for the time being.  Just put on your "pod face" and nod when liberals attempt to engage you in politically charged conversation. Forgive me Dennis if I misrepresent you, but I think I am close if not dead on in portraying your position. I just returned from Richmond where I visited old Saint John's Church.  This is the exact spot, in the same old church that Patrick Henry gave his Give Me Liberty or Death speech.  I am not suggesting any "death" or revolution here, but I am merely juxtaposing Patrick Henry's attitude to Dennis Miller's suggested attitude. There is a stark contrast. Is this unfair?  Probably. Mr. Miller makes a good point. ...(Read Full Post)